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Samuel Lee Toney Foundation

A Legacy to Continue

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The SLT Foundation seeks to build up our socioeconomically disadvantaged youth by recognizing their talents, and supporting their growth into prominent career professionals, successful business owners, and bearers of change in law enforcement. The SLT Foundation operates from the platform of law enforcement support towards the youth, capitalizing on the legacy of Lt. Sam Toney. Every young person that becomes embraced within our mission and interacts with SLT will be supported and mentored by a law enforcement officer. This supportive role is designed to be a long-term relationship with consistent bonding activities that provide opportunities for conversation, building trust, and growth.

The youth receive professional mentorship as well, tailored to their passions, talents, and career goals. Scholarships are to be awarded each year to young people who demonstrate scholastic or entrepreneurial aptitude and desire to pursue areas of law enforcement or areas of business.