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Slow Food USA Inc (Slow Food East Bay)

We are San Francisco’s East Bay chapter of Slow Food, a global movement dedicated to championing Good, Clean and Fair Food for All.

https://slowfoodeastbay.com/ Tax ID 94-3398167


Slow Food is a member supported and volunteer driven movement working  against everything that Fast Food – and the ‘fast food’ lifestyle –  represents.  The roots of Slow Food are a fight for real food. For the  right to know our food, to know our food producers, and to protect our  cultural food traditions. A fight to have our food system be transparent  and truthful.  It is also about enjoyment, about doing the hard work  and then celebrating the successes. Pleasure and responsibility are not  opposites and we believe that some of the deepest pleasure comes from  fulfilling the greatest responsibility.

We work to educate consumers about good quality, sustainable food  through workshops, lectures, tours and meals, partnering with  like-minded organizations to expand our reach to a diverse population.   We gather people around the table to meet, share and discuss.

We encourage people to ‘practice’ Slow Food on their own. Connect  face to face with producers, ask questions, gather with friends, grow  food, cook food, EAT.  Every day, you have the opportunity to make a  statement about the food system you desire in this world. Make your  choices with as much knowledge, care and love you can muster.