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In basketball, the "Sixth Man" or "Sixth Woman" refers to players who make a major impact on their team by coming off the bench at critical moments. At PeacePlayers International, every day we see young people like you overcoming formidable religious and cultural barriers. By creating your own project, you can help these children become champions for peace.


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Andrew Fink, a young Jewish boy in Gaitherburg, Maryland, organized a basketball tournament for his Bar Mitzvah that raised $1,500 for PeacePlayers International – Middle East. The Irish Club of La Jolla High School organized bake sales and concerts to help support PeacePlayers International – Northern Ireland. And that’s just the beginning. To get started on your own project, click the "Set up your Fundraiser" button above. It's simple!


Young people all over the country are taking action to effect real change globally and you can join this worldwide community of changemakers. For questions, please contact Adam Hirsch at or 202-408-5111.