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Single Parents With MS Inc

Helping those in need living as Single Parents with MS

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The founder, Darrell Wordelmann, has thought about this process over and over and truly feels he has the right angle to make a difference for the families who not only struggle with those with MS but the Single Parents who do as well.  Darrell knew he couldn't do this alone as he needed his brother who was there, knows the way it was, and knows the difficulites that came along in their lives.  It comes from their heart, their pride and their love of their mother, Mary.

Their mother was diagnosed with MS in 1966 and passed in 2000. Being the strong-hearted woman she was, Mary still had two boys in 1970 & 1975. Darrell & his brother Bobby were blessed that their father was around but over time when their parents separated it became tough. Looking forward 35 years later, Darrell & Bobby grew up understanding this is what life was and didn't use it as an excuse. They moved forward to successful jobs and have families of their own, but they do know the struggle at times was tough. Wishing they could go back to fix things for the better, they realized it's time to fix those who are in need.

From holidays, to ADA equipment, to bathroom renovations, to wider doorways, to lower cabinets, to financial aid, to meals...etc. This is the time for us to help out and this is why Single Parents with MS was developed. We will be put on the map and we will move this train forward from the help of you.  Most importantly we need the help from you.

Thank you from the team, 

Single Parents with MS