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EVENT DATE: Jul 07, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Aug 07, 2014

All right, friends – time to get serious...

Never ones to shun a challenge, Nicolas (aka „Nici“, „Meier“ or „Globi“) and I decided to embark on a little adventure: climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, the world's tallest free-standing peak and one of the Seven Summits. Before you say anything – hold it, we know what you're thinking. Maybe it’s a symptom of the „I’m not a boy not yet a man“ syndrome (to paraphrase a beloved female singer of our teenage years) or it is our slightly compulsive competitive streak. We haven't quite figured that out ourselves. What we know for sure, however, is that it’s going to be an amazing experience and something we’ll remember for a long time - at least until we hit midlife crisis and do something way more stupid.


We don’t want to make this just about us though. A serious physical challenge is a great opportunity to do something good. How? By linking the success of our mission to a cause that we care about and thereby making an actual difference. Yes, you heard right, we’re talking charity! And this is where you, dear friends, come in.


It’s very simple: we do the hard work and climb Kili. All we ask from you is to  support one of the charities/causes that we list at the bottom of this event page with a donation. That way, everybody wins: 1) the charities receiving your hard earned francs, euros, dollars, pounds, renminbi, gold coins, widgets etc., 2) you, by getting a kick out of sending two suits up a high mountain where there's barely any oxygen and they can’t shower for a week and 3) us, by getting to watch the sunrise from Uhuru Peak, 5895 meters above sea level.


We hope you agree that, apart from being Pareto efficient, this is a worthy idea. We’ll be in touch with updates from the trip and make sure to provide you with proper evidence that we're trying really hard to get up there and aren’t chilling on a beach somewhere. For every $500 raised, I will run an additional 10k. Maybe Nici will too.


To donate, simply click on the "Donate to this event" button above and select one of the three organizations. It's fool proof, so no excuses!


Thanks for your help and the mental support – it will make the whole experience a lot more purposeful and enjoyable!




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