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August 10, 2012

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Carlo De Vito


A teenage boy died, he took  his own life; because he felt alone, he felt inconsolable pain; he was marginalized, de-valued, bullied.  And now he is dead.  

One boy is only the tip of the iceburg in a sea of youth culture that is reaking havoc with young lives.  The youth of today are being handed adult content and adult pressures with little or no mediation.  They find themselves attempting to navigate a world designed and driven by adults and adult desires, by economic and poltical pressures.

There is an absence of compassion, of guidance, of care and concern, of safety and boundaries, of mediation and protection.  And it is not just the ones who are dying that are lost.  Anyone who questions their value, who doubts their worth, is someone we need to reach.  Anyone who suffers in pain, and suffers in silence out of fear or despair, is someone we need to reach.  Anyone who needs care, guidance, safety, a place where they are accepted, valued, encouraged, is someone we need to reach.

Our idea of "at-risk youth" needs to change.  Every youth is potentially at risk.  The risks may differ from community to community, but the troubling consequences of failing to reach the youth are devastating wherever the youth come from.

And so we want to make a difference.  We want to be a positive presence and a source of hope for youth in our community.  We want to provide a place where youth can go, where they are welcomed, where they will find acceptance, safety, amd encouragement.  And we want to be a source of hope, pointing beyond the darkness and despair, the violence and corruption, to the possibility of something better.  We want to be a source of hope-filled community, where noone is alone, and where the potential of a united community to impact the culture for good can be realized.

To quote another, we want to provide "signs of hope through practices of love."  And we want to start with the youth in our community.  We don't think we are going to change the world.  We are convinced that we can impact some youth, and that a valued, hope-filled group of youth can renew a culture and change the world.

That is what we are trying to build.  We could use your help.

We are endeavouring to raise $350,000.  This includes the start-up costs for a youth center as well as projected staffing and facilities costs for the first year. We will be running several local events over the course of the next year to raise funds.  We thought we would start here first. If you can help, we would be most grateful. For everyone, everywhere, this is a good place to give. If you are in Canada and would like a tax receipt, please go to and click on the "ways to donate" menu item.  Be sure to identify "Carlo De Vito" (founder, Signs of Hope) as the designated project. Every bit helps.  Tell your friends.   This isn't just about one youth center.  It's about starting a movement to impact youth culture for the good of the youth and for our collective future.  This is only the beginning... If everyone you know donates $1 and tells everyone they know, who donates $1 who tells everyone they know... well you get the picture... we can raise a youth center. A one time donation of $1 could make a world of difference.

That is all we are asking. So... do you have $1? Do you have any friends? It's time to get to work.

To give go to:


(the charity name is "Canadian Centre for World Mission".  Make sure you choose Carlo De Vito - it says 'The Open Door' but it will be changed to 'Signs Of Hope' soon - as the fund designation)



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