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Sigma Beta XI, Inc.

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Sigma Beta Xi, Inc. (SBX) has been providing research-based mentoring and development services to middle school and high school students in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties since 1998. The goal is to start our students on a journey of self-discovery by exposing them to different experiential situations and help them to establish academic, career, and life skill goals. Our program provides mentoring, group support, school readiness, community service, integration services, and leadership development. SBX strives to establish strong families and communities by building an organization of diverse men and women who will exemplify leadership and professionalism based upon the principles of brotherhood, excellence, endurance, wisdom, service, and unity.

Through our partnerships with Inland Empire school districts, we have implemented a series of interventions that enable young men and women to understand who they are, and to help them understand their attitudes and feelings. Researchers have found that a positive school climate can help solve many issues impacting students. A positive school climate decreases absenteeism, suspensions, substance abuse, and bullying, and increases students’ academic achievement, motivation to learn, and psychological well-being.