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EVENT DATE: Oct 01, 2014

HOPE FOR LIVES IN SIERRA LEONE is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with NGO status in Sierra Leone. Hope for Lives is raising funds and equipment donations for our FIRST Medical Mission to Connaught Hospital in the capital, Freetown, Sierra Leone.


Connaught Hospital is the main referral hospital in Sierra Leone, serving those who cannot afford care at one of the private hospitals or clinics. Hope for Lives has been facilitating donations of medical supplies and equipment to Connaught Hospital since 2011. We have a vision, a long-term goal to improve conditions at the hospital and enhance the quality of care. Until recently, it was mostly a dream.


This mission is critically dependent on donations to fund this effort. Hope for Lives has no endowment and no grant funding. Every person on this mission is a volunteer and pays their own airfare to Sierra Leone. Hope for Lives has to secure EVERY piece of medical equipment through donations and ship EVERYTHING to Sierra Leone prior to the mission. The hospital has almost no equipment or supplies of any kind. The cost of sending the equipment is approx. $20,000 per container and has to be shipped 6-8 weeks prior. All of the equipment will remain at the hospital after our departure, to allow their staff and future missions to continue to improve the quality of care provided to those who could otherwise not afford it.


Medical Equipment/Supplies Needed:

- Oxygen concentrators

- Gauze, tape, bandages, wraps etc.

- X-ray/C-arm machines

- Sutures (Nylon, Prolene, Vicryl or Chromic)

- Anesthesia machines

- Casting materials (Soft padding and plaster)

- Autoclaves

- Crutches, walkers, canes, slings and velcro splints

- Ventilators for ICU (multiple)

- Q-tip and tongue depressors

- Monitors

- Mesh for hernia repair

- Cardiac Monitors for ICU

- Portable Ultrasound Machine ( V Scan )

- Suction Machines (multiple)

- Portable Vein Finder (Accu Vein )

- Defibrillators

- Saline, saline flushes, etc.

- Infusion pumps

- Regular and Sterile gloves ( Sizes S, M, L, XL)

- Operating tables

- Surgical Mask, OR head and shoe covers and gowns

- Blood warmers

- Surgical instruments for Ortho and General surgeries.


Malik Jalloh-Jamboria will lead the mission, together with a team of 35, including doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff. Malik has attended and organized a number of medical missions. He is a native of SL and and works as a CRNA at a hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland.


We will be in Sierra Leone for 10 days, doing surgery, collaborating with the hospital staff, training healthcare personnel and improve their triage system. This is the first of what we hope to be many missions. We are determined to sustain this effort and make a real difference in the lives of those in desperate need of medical care.


Please support your team members and this effort. Please check our facebook page and website for updates and details on the mission, specific needs of equipment donations and progress toward our $50,000 goal. If your hospital or workplace would like to help our effort, please create a team and tell your colleagues to support this very important mission.


From Hope for Lives In Sierra Leone, thank you for helping us to make this dream a reality.

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