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June 22, 2012

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Karen LeBleu


What do you imagine it would take to change our world? There are millions of suggestions and millions of quotes that tell us what we need to do and what could be done, but what is enough to actually move us? What can generate such a passion within us that would cause us to take matters into our own hands? When does someone else’s responsibility become our responsibility? The time is now. Becoming a missionary does not mean becoming a spotless saint. It doesn’t means you’re perfect and it doesn’t make God love you more. It also doesn’t require moving to another country or referring to yourself as a missionary. Being a missionary – fulfilling the Great Commission - simply requires a response. A response to God. A response to His heart. To His Passion for His people. It means taking action and reaching out to God’s people, lost and found alike. It means loving when it’s hard, and going the second mile when you just want to rest. Being a missionary means allowing yourself, your life, and maybe even your family, to be interrupted by the needs of others. It means an invasion, if you will, of personal space and maybe even privacy. My decision to go into international missionsis a step of faith, an act of obedience. This journey will cost around $30,000. That’s only 3,000 one-time gifts of $10, or 1,500 one-time gifts of $20. I ask that you would consider helping me on this journey. If you don’t feel led to do so, I ask that you would continue in prayer for God’s provision and my ministry through Operation Mobilization. I also ask that you would help me spread the word about my mission. You are able to reach people that I may never come into contact with.

Maybe you're not a Christian. That's fine. I hope that you'll still consider helping me on this journey despite our difference in background and beliefs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to change the world because you and I see things differently. Help me reach out to someone in need. Help me give hope. Help me change the world.


                                    Be the Change.




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