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Shotokan Leadership Institute

Awakening extraordinary leaders in ordinary people


The modern world in which we live is complicated and difficult to navigate, especially for our children. Young people today are besieged by messages of violence, greed, and consumerism at every turn. They are encouraged to conform and follow the false promise of pop culture rather than think critically, independently, and becomes leaders themselves.

For parents, the influence of pop culture can be difficult to overcome. How do we teach our children respect for themselves and others? How do we instill self-confidence and self-determination? How do we give them the tools to become leaders?

Shotokan Karate Leadership School, has for 5 decades, guided thousands of children toward achieving excellence in their lives. With the central focus being on character development and acquiring crucial leadership skills, the outcome has been proven to be incredible.  Many of the school's 15,000 students over the years have grown up to become wonderful community leaders, such as; doctors, lawyers, teachers, contractors, engineers, etc.

Shotokan Leadership Institute exists to provide this educational opportunity via scholarship form to those who need it. It is our desire to build up any child for a great success and an even greater future, regardless of the family's financial ability.