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Khalsa Peace Corps



Khalsa Peace Corps (KPC) was founded in 2009. The founders, Jacquie and Ravi Singh, were inspired by their belief that a full spiritual experience requires one to transform their higher conscience into action. Thus the role of Khalsa Peace Corps is to be a platform that transforms ones’ higher conscience into daily actions of service and sharing. Share A Meal is a program of Khalsa Peace Corps. ​

Share A Meal has a central kitchen where rice and beans are prepared. Our mobile kitchens are food trucks that arrive on a regular schedule at different locations on different nights around the city where populations of people experiecing homelessness are concentrated. Volunteers meet at these locations and help roll burritos in the first hour of service. In the second hour, they not only serve the hot meals they helped to prepare, but also go out with loving hearts, kind words, and smiles, offering water, and other assistance in the form of socks, blankets, toiletries, and other necessities.  In a society where people experiecing homelessness are scapegoatiged and further marginalized, we hope to turn the tide by forging human connections, helping provide for basic needs and channleing our energy into a cause larger than ourselves.

To date we've served 335,400 meals with your help!