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Sgt Financial Aid

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Building a Financial Bridge

This organization was created to build a financial bridge between holistic health providers and their clients/patients. On too many occasions have these clients/patients been denied crucial treatments due to the affordability. Whether it be addictions of any kind, accident of any kind or something born out of environmental exposures like mold. Our organization will be able to offer financial assistance to those clients/patients so they can get the medically needed treatments to live a better and healthier life.

We have established a network of healthcare providers and are continuing looking for key providers throughout the US that help and heal people with serious health problems.

Our goal is to collect and distribute donations to the clients/patients that need financial assistance. Although we will be assisting anyone who needs the help, we will be focusing a good portion of our efforts on the first responders. We understand they are overwhelmed with the time they are investing during this unprecedented pandemic. We will be launching a campaign to offer them complimentary services that will help get them physically and mentally back on track. This is where we need your help the most.