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Raidel Rodriguez's Fundraiser:

I Want to Steal Seth Rogen's Birthday

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BENEFITING: Alzheimer's Association

ORGANIZER: Seth and Lauren

EVENT: Hilarity for Charity® Birthdays

EVENT DATE: Apr 15, 2014

Raidel Rodriguez


Seth Rogen wrote -

Here's how this works...

Click Fundraise for This Campaign and get a fundraising page started to steal Seth Rogen's birthday. The second your page goes live, you'll be signed up to get super exclusive pics of Seth Rogen and his dog Zelda doing some fun stuff everyday up until Seth's bday.

Then, share your page with everyone you know and ask them to donate to Alzheimer's Association. If you're one of the top two fundraisers on April 15th (Seth's BDay) at 11:59pm ET, you'll have an opportunity to play rock, paper, scissors to steal Seth Rogen's bday.

When you steal Seth Rogen's bday, you'll get...

  • a 5 minute call with Seth
  • a signed Pineapple Express script
  • a signed Superbad Penis drawing book (for real)
  • a signed This Is the End poster

For far too long, Alzheimer’s has been wrongly categorized as “an old person’s disease” and it’s time for a change. With the rapid rate at which the disease is growing, it’s time to get the younger folks, who will be the older folks before too long, involved.

Learn more about what we do because Alzheimer's sucks at


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