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The Serenbe Institute for Art, Culture and the Environment

The Serenbe Institute is a regional catalyst for the advancement of the arts, culture, and environment that enriches lives and communities.

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Founded in 2005, The Serenbe Institute for Art, Culture and the Environment serves as South Fulton's only professional non-profit arts organization, providing impactful artistic, cultural, and environmental programming that spans across a nearly 30-mile radius. We believe that the arts, along with diverse cultural experiences and regular interaction with our natural environment have the unique ability to bind us together in our humanity and allow us to live healthier and more interconnected lives. Since our inception, we have grown to serve nearly 70,000 individuals annually by leveraging the beauty of nature to amplify the transformative power of the arts to bring people together. The Institute is quickly becoming a model for what is possible when artistic and cultural experiences are built into the fabric of a community. The Serenbe Institute was created to fulfill the vision of a community where arts, culture and environmental conservation are the pillars of how we think and engage with one another and are knitted into our civic and social fabric. Through our incubation of programming Divisions that include a world-class outdoor site-specific theatre company (Serenbe Playhouse), an unparalleled artist-in-residency program (AIR Serenbe) and a highly acclaimed dance company (Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre), the Institute has helped to propel Serenbe into a position of national prominence in intentional development and design.