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SEPA Mujer Inc. is 501(c)3 We are a non-profit Organization community-based dedicated to the empowerment of Latina immigrant women through education, advocacy, legal rights and leadership. We believe by empowering and handing the Latina woman resources and tools needed to become exemplary role models they will therein impact and inspire their own children families and friends ultiametly generating a better and birghter future of generations to come. By learning to advocate for their rights, we will be able to impact the role of the woman in households, communities and therein take control of our voices in larger political and governmental systems. Our mission is to raise and unite our voices. We stand to be heard, and contribute to the social, governmental and political systems in which we live. We strive to nurture and improve physical and emotional security, self-esteem, legal status, and economic independence by way of education, friendship, capacity building workshops advocacy, community organization and legal representation. We aim to highlight the value, role and development of Latina Immigrant women in Long Island.

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