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Brazos 2020 Vision Inc


Many elderly seniors feel alone, especially during the Christmas holidays, because they no longer have a family or are physically unable to visit friends and family. These seniors hold a special place in our hearts. Senior Christmas is a collaborative gifting effort that enables the friends and neighbors of the Brazos Valley to give hope, spread cheer, and make smiles happen for our seniors.

Each year we identify homebound and nursing home seniors in the seven county Brazos Valley Region who have very little or no contact with their families during the Holidays and ask them for wish lists. We buy clothing, large print books, toiletries and other requested items. Volunteers assemble these items into gift bags and deliver them to nursing homes and residents throughout the Brazos Valley.

This year, with the impacts of COVID-19, our community seniors are especially vulnerable due to this pandemic and prolonged isolation. This year, due to COVID, we can only provide new items to our seniors, so fundraising support is extremely important. Your donation would go to purchasing the items on the wish lists for the seniors.