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Sarah Page wrote -

Hello All!

On February 25th, I will be turning the ripe old age of 23 and have a very special wish for my birthday this year. On March 7th, I would like to travel with close friend, Carissa Caricato, founder of Hoola for Happiness, to Haiti for a two-week, soul-searching, business-planning, hula-hooping adventure!

Wait, what??

  • Soul-searching: As a new adult and quarter-lifer, I have been seeking purpose in my life and my works. Haiti will provide inspiration for my artwork and photography, plus the opportunity to witness God first-hand.
  • Business Planning: With my recent "career-shift" I've been doing freelance graphic design work for multiple clients including Hoola for Happiness. I will also be partnering with Carissa to market Hoola for Life, the for-profit business that produces 5-color gospel hoops to sell to churches for mission trip purposes. In addition to all of that, I plan to pursue a Master's in Design for Sustainability at SCAD. On this trip, I will be conducting research for my portfolio as well as studying sustainability projects that are already in place in Haiti.
  • Hula-Hooping!!: During the whole trip, we will be carrying hula hoops to orphanages to spread joy to children around the world!

Seeking $1200:

  • $150- Passport
  • $450- Airfare
  • $600- Spending money while in Haiti for food, shelter, water, transportation, etc.

 All donations will benefit Hoola for Happiness, a Tampa-based non-profit that spreads joy and the love of God to the world, one hoop at a time, one child at a time. (Carissa said I could work with her if I find someone to pay me) :)

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