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Selma Center For Non-violence Truth & Reconciliation

Bridge of Hope Dreamers Headquarters "Building Bridges of Hope Where We Work Together to Make Our Dreams Come True"

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Residents of a famous civil war to civil rights small town, ravaged by the brokenheartedness that never healed on both sides since both epic events in the town's history, develops a Bridge of Hope Dreamers Headquarters (B.O.H.D Headquarters) close to the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The B.O.H.D Headquarters is a place that can centralize building hope out of the conflict and chaos that some locals believe ensues from old wounds that never healed, but also believe that all things are possible in the appointed time. With high rates of poverty and violent crimes and not enough constructive for all young people to do residents realized that there is no time like the present to join forces, bringing together the not for profit sector, businesses,  and government.  The Headquarters is slated to house a 1950's themed ice cream shop that encourages entrepreneurship in young residents,  late night weekend games and sports activities, a recording studio for young people, a Dream Center to help people walk in their purpose and a space to facilitate Deliberative Dialogue among residents encouraging them to gather information to make wise decisions (instead of just taking sides) about rebuilding this community with so many assets, like the nearby river front as well as so many challenges. 

The project would bring together different not for profits, Community Partners,  Churches, and Schools to work together.