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Seeds of Love Yoga

Cultivating a Community of Access and Acceptance in Yoga

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In 2017, our founder, Kristin noticed a big difference between  the Yoga  she learned to teach and the Yoga she was seeing in local studios and on social media. She practiced Yoga in places that just didn't feel like they were very welcoming to bodies like hers. She is a person who might be considered "fat" ( although she prefers the term "adundant")  and doesn't always have the same strength to lift her abundant body upside down nor does she have the space in her body to twist and move like the other people she practiced with. This often made her feel like she didn't belong. Modifications weren't offered to someone with her build because the people who were teaching and the other students definitely didn't look the same.  Around this same time, Kristin was beginning to go through financial hardships and realized that everytime she considered opening her wallet to take a class, moths flew out of it. She was broke. The rising costs of group classes showed Kristin that she was abundant in weight and body mass, but definitely not in the cash it would take to practice in these studios.  This led Kristin down a path of Yoga she didn't initially think she would go down, but soon she found out that she wasn't alone, and that there were MANY groups of humans who felt similarly.  She saw a need and Seeds of Love Yoga was born. 

 In just a few short years we have redefined the word Accessible and continue to let it grow and shape our mission every day. The worls is full of humans who feel unwelcome, unseen, unwanted and unloved.  Kristin wants everyone to feel like they belong, because they do. Everyone. 

 Our mission  to provide physically, financially and geographically accessible Yoga to every human is always growing and changing and now with Covid-19 we are again tested and need to change.  We aim to cultivate  a community of acceptance and accessibility whether it be online or in our brick and mortar community.  We want everyone to feel like they belong in a Yoga space regardless of how their body moves,  what they look like, how much money they have, what they believe, or who they love.  We feel Yoga, Meditation, and other holistic practices are a tremendous way to reconnect with oneself and with others through community and begin a path of healing.