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See Beneath, Inc. (See Beneath)

Early Developmental Tools for Children with Autism

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See Beneath, Inc. is a California-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families across the United States and the world.

Our vision is a world where all children with autism will develop to their full potential.

Our mission is to engage and educate children with autism (ASD) by creating and providing innovative tools that foster positive change and help children reach developmental milestones.

We created Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism (@aikoandegor), an interactive app created by See Beneath (a non-profit) that includes animated videos & games with research-supported skills to promote learning and engagement.  The videos and games are developed for children on the autism spectrum and their family members and teachers.  Aiko & Egor displays simplified animation, engaging underwater characters, and includes fun games to practice skills.  The app is intended to be used by child & adult together to promote real-time engagement and supplement educational programs.  

App Features:  Enjoy our animated videos and games by engaging with the below features:

1) Play Video:  Select this button to watch the entire episode all the way through or choose a particular scene from the episode.  The Play Video feature is intended for the entire family to watch together but the videos are appropriate for a child to watch the video by his/herself or with siblings and/or friends.

2) Learn Together:  Select this button to watch the same video content with learning opportunities or ""Bubble Times"" embedded at specific moments throughout the video.  The Learn Together feature should only be selected when the adult and child are watching the videos together.  During each Bubble Time, the video will pause and a menu will pop up that presents instructions for the learning moment.  The adult will then follow the instructions on the menu to appropriately facilitate the learning moment and either replay the preceding action by the character or continue playing the video.  You can also collect data on the child's responses in real-time and track improvements over time!

3) Skills Games:  Select this button to practice skills that are modeled in the videos in different fun game formats (such as matching, shape or animal identification, turn-taking, etc).  Every game under each episode is different so make sure to try them all to see which are most beneficial for your child.  Some games can be played by the child his or herself, but we encourage an adult to engage with the child and even take turns so that the child is successful and does not get frustrated.