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Operation Scrubs Inc

Operation Scrubs Inc. and this See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse! Team Challenge campaign were created by UCLA Medical Center nurse, Pamela Jane Nye. The mission of both is to advocate year-round nurse awareness and appreciation, provide innovative and tuition-free continuing nurse education, also to award advanced nursing education scholarships.


* THIS CHALLENGE INVOLVES FOUR 10-MEMBER TEAMS of high-profile, respected, and influential members leading  Operation Scrubs' global nurse-thanking mission during National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2021).

* THE 4 TEAM CHALLENGE CATEGORIES are Business, Entertainment, Healthcare, and Sports

* THE MISSION OBJECTIVE is getting  ONE  'THANK YOU' online message posting per team for each of America's 3.8+ million nurses, then another 20+ million nurses worldwide.

* THE MiSSION  GETS ACCOMPLISHED  when Challenge Team's invite their social media contacts to join them in this historic, public-supportive "thank you" tribute to America's and the world's COVID-19 heroic nurse responders.

* NOW CLICK ON YOUR CHOSEN TEAM'S REGISTRATION BUTTON, join your team and share your appreciative nurse-thanking message.

For more details go to https://seeanursethankanurseteamchallenge.homestead.com/index.html?