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Secular Communities For Arizona Inc

Standing up for Arizona's secular voices

http://www.secularaz.org/ Tax ID 46-2530441

Secular AZ stands at the forefront of the fight to keep Arizona secular. We work to educate Arizona's citizens and state-level legislators about secular issues. We promote understanding of secular values and the importance of evidence-based information in education, medicine, and public policy.

We organize events, programs and presentations across Arizona that disseminate factual information about secularism, increase public awareness about secular approaches to issues, and encourage civic action. We are a resource for anyone seeking an evidence-based approach and a voice of reason.

Secular AZ advocates on behalf of all individuals who believe that freedom from religious influence is the best way to ensure equality and freedom for all Arizonans.

Secular AZ is operated by a board of directors and executive staff, and receives influence and comment from 16 liaised secular groups throughout Arizona. Collectively, these organizations represent thousands of individuals. Please learn more about us on our website, secularaz.org.