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Respect The Dog

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Our mission is to respect the dog. We respect the dog by providing shelter.We respect the dog by stopping the overpopulation of dogs.We respect the dog by providing necessary veterinary care and treatment.We respect the dog by placing them in forever homes.We are Secondhand Mutts and we respect the dog.

Inspired by one dog left and tied to the door at our founders dog socialization center Secondhand Mutts was founded in 2006 and operated as a grassroots community organization until establishing itself as a registered nonprofit in 2009.   Each rescue dog has a history and its own story. Although they can’t tell us about their past, the dogs can show us their desire for a new life. Our mission is to provide them with every resource possible to ensure they find loving forever homes and a fresh start. Many of the dogs that come into our program are pulled from high-kill or at-risk city and county shelters where their time has run out or the shelter is full. Some of our dogs come to us through other rescue organizations, and a few come from owners who can no longer keep them. Because we have a cage-free environment, we can only accept socialized dogs into our program. Dogs of all ages and sizes are socialized together, and we evaluate each dog before admitting him or her into our program. We tend to focus on shy dogs because they are often overlooked by potential adopters and rescues.