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Self Discovery Pain Positioning and Purpose Inc

Mission Stop Suicide.

www.sd-ppp.org Tax ID 82-4443563


Founded in 2018, Self-Discovery: Pain, Positioning & Purpose, Inc. (SDPPP) is a 501c3 nonprofit suicide prevention and recovery program that provides multiple approaches to increase wellness, resiliency, and protective factors among those at risk for/or impacted by suicide. SDPPP offers paths to evidence- based interventions that encourages individuals, families and communities to learn the warning signs and get help when help is needed. SDPPP works to prevent suicide and foster recovery through advocacy seminars, evidence-based prevention training and workshops, and private coaching and mentoring, and a coordination of community-based resources and referrals. Since inception, SDPPP has provided education, training, counseling, resources and/or referral services for over 5,000 people who were impacted or concerned about suicide. In 90% of cases, we have been able to deescalate client’s emotional crisis and coordinate resources and referrals for follow-up care.  The remaining 10% was referred to partnering agencies for Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) or Day Intensive Programs.