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Heather Allen's Fundraiser:

Stop Child Abuse Now Arizona

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EVENT DATE: May 25, 2012


Heather Allen



I have found it extremely hard to find funds for my cause.

My ex-husband had been abusing my children I had taken him to court over it However the judge said my claim lacked merit "Not enough evidence".

Before I picked my children up the last time, My ex- had  hit my daughter in the head with the side of his closed fist repeatedly as my oldest son watched in tears, as my younger daughter of the two listened to the beating from up stairs, fearing she was next. After my ex had finished It left my oldest daughter  to deal with memory confusion, intense migraines which made studying for school hard to cope with effecting her grades.The horrific bruising on her wrist which she had received from trying to block her fathers blows to her head, made her embarrassed, she felt judged and alone, left to feel ashamed of what he had put her through. She called me telling me what had happened. As she cried my heart sank.

"No Child should feel this way or go through this in life."

I had enough!, Once I picked my children up from him,  I took my daughter immediately to the ER. At the Hospital The ER Dr.s called the police and CPS. It was confirmed my ex gave my daughter a concussion I was devastated I kept saying to my self,  'How could a grown man put his hands on a child like this!!?!?". How could the courts stand by and let a child be abused this way and call it discipline?!!! I was not sending them back if it killed me. The hospital helped the best they could with safe house instructions. CPS explained what I had to do also informing me that if I sent them back they would charge me with child endangerment.

I thought to myself "first things first, The Children need to live a normal life as possible. School, church studies, doctors, sports. But where to start first? School! .. However because of my daughters concussion I was unable to get her shots up to date.  We spoke with the city health department and they allowed her to attended. The city worker had to sign a wavier so she could attend school. (My daughter was unable to receive her shots due to her concussion, that she had received from her father. thankfully she has an appointment to get her shots caught up in a few weeks.  There are wonderful teachers and staff working with her at the school she is attending as of now and is coming along very nicely).

The next step was finding a lawyer....

Four weeks had passed and all I had given was my mortgage payment. Yes I did... a thousand dollars, unfortunately it was not the whole retainer. Where was I going to get the money? How would I find that much more money? Two times the amount I had already given. State aid wouldn't help, their were no lawyers pro Bono licensed for that state that would help out of state residents.  I Quickly asked for help from family and friends. No one could help us, I thought to myself "what are we going to do?. The children can't go back to that environment they will be destroyed for life".

I started praying reading the bible everyday. And then it came to me start a fund raiser. I got family and friends involved, "We would earn the money"!. A few days later After saying a few prayers and just finishing up attending Church, I spoke to my mother who had been helping to raise funds.

"Mom I want to raise money for all the children who are abused who have no one to speak for them to stop their abuse". She quickly agreed and our mission began.   

We need to pull together and help others. The feeling of "there is no one who can help us" is a horrible feeling, knowing the children could possibly return to that abusive environment is heart breaking.

I feel it is our duty to help protect those who can not protect themselves.

Please Help us help those in need of a lawyer to protect those without a voice, who feel there is no hope!.
Give them Hope reach down into your hearts to feel the pain that not only my children have gone through but all children who have endured this maltreatment and give what ever you can to protect them from abuse.

We also have a face book page where we are trying to also raise funds with auctions. You can check that out here Stop-Child-Abuse-Now-Arizona Note that its under construction.


Child Abuse is one of our biggest problems in our world today. Children are being abused and there is no Real help because everything takes money, Help us help them who really need the help!

Thank you for taking the time to read about what I'm trying to accomplish!


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