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Save the Ussuri tiger, together!

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February 12, 2012

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Gregory Kostelev


The Amur tiger (also known as the Ussuri), one of the largest land predator on our planet. Weight of a large tiger reaches can exceed 300 pounds. Some sources reported tigers weighing up to 390 kg, although it is now so big tigers are not found. The body length is 160-290 cm, tail - 110 cm Amur tiger is a jewel of the Far Eastern taiga and the object of worship of many peoples of the Far East. This beautiful, exotically colored cat on the strength and power is unmatched in the entire world fauna is represented in the flag and emblem of the Primorsky Territory, as well as in many heraldic symbols of cities and districts of the region. The history of the form indicates that the tiger - an animal very vulnerable, despite its large size and great physical strength, but it is such that it can drag the carcass of a horse on the ground over 500 meters, the tiger is capable of speeds up to 80 km / h on snow in the rate exceeded only by the cheetah.

I travel, go hiking, photographing this beautiful cat. All the money raised, I am in the Lazo Reserve Fund to save the tiger. And I like it.

Everyone can take part in the restoration of this species. After all, they have less than 250 individuals.



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