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Save The Satos

Helping the animals of Puerto Rico

www.savethesatos.org Tax ID 83-4429534


Save the Satos Inc. is a non-profit, registered 501c3 organization.

Save the Satos has a three-part mission.

1. We are focused on changing the lives of the stray dogs "Satos" of Puerto Rico. Save the Satos rescues the unwanted, adoptable dogs of the island, transports them to our Adoption Partner, Eleventh Hour Rescue in New Jersey, where they are placed in foster homes. They are made happy and healthy, socialized, spayed/neutered and put up for adoption to find their forever home.

2. Save the Satos also focuses on helping pet owners in Puerto Rico by providing food, shelter, spay/neuter, flea/tick/heart worm prevention, vaccines and veterinary care to families in need.

3. Save the Satos also focuses on “TNR” Trap, Neuter and Release of the feral dogs of the island that can not be put into homes because they have lived most of their lives on the streets and are not socialized around people. This will decrease the stray population by sterilizing the true strays of the island so they can not produce any more unwanted litters of puppies.