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On April 1, 2010 I brought home a 6 week old Pit Bull puppy I had just driven 400 miles and over 6 hours to get (literally!!!). I was 20 years old living on my own for the first time and apparently I was looking to make my life a little more... interesting? Tego stole my heart from the very first instance I set eyes on him. Green eyed shy chubby little thing. From that moment on we became inseparable.

Unfortunately, I failed Tego... Because during the first 6 months of his life, I left him at the reaches of my abusive friend/housemate out of sheer cowardice. During those 6 months, he protected me. He kept me safe when I couldn't do the same.

I'm not sure if that is what caused the problem. Or perhaps it was my over nurturing that is to blame. I don't honestly know...

Six months ago I moved in with my boyfriend and left Tego in my parents care with the plan to slowly adjust him to the new house and family. In that time he has literally chewed halfway through a wall, eaten the rooftop of a car, and completely destroyed a door from times he was left alone in the house (he has sever separation issues).

My parent's landlord has given them 30 days to give up my pup or quit their contract. And my landlord refuses to accept Tego on the premises unless I seek out intensive help for him. I can't nor want to imagine not having my pup with me. Either way, none of my friends or family member are able to take Tego due to his intolerance of people when I am not around (aside from myself, only my brother and boyfriend are able to pet/touch/handle him). And the shelter would only guarantee my pup's murder.

He doesn't belong in a cage or with strangers. He shouldn't have to feel like his loved ones abandoned him. And he most certainly doesn't deserve to get put down because of my shortcoming as a dog owner. He belongs with his family. He belongs with me...

When Tego forms a bond with you, it's forever, it's love, and you feel it from him. He'll love you for no reason. All he asks for in return is a whole bunch of head pets and apple slices. We just need to help him understand that he doesn't need to be so scared of everyone.

Over 73,000 Pit Bulls get put down every year in Los Angeles, alone. I don't know what the statistic is in San Diego. I don't want to know... It disgusts me, really =(

But I found someone that is willing to work with Tego. They specialize in aggressive behavior in bully breeds. The program cost is $1940 for a 4 month long intense training program with life-time follow up. And there's absolutely no way I can afford this nor do I have the means to raise money some other way, especially in a month...

I spoke to my landlord and she has agreed to let me keep Tego on her property as long as I show her proof that my dog is enrolled and doing the program.

I understand if you can't or don't want to help. We all have our problems. This one is mine. But maybe you understand the bond between a dog and it's master and would be willing to spare a few seconds to share my cause...




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Denise is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help Save My Pup =(.