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Our ocean is under attack. From climate change to plastic pollution and wildlife disturbance to habitat degradation, a host of threats challenge the wellbeing of your Monterey Bay. At Save Our Shores, we work hard every day to protect and conserve our precious local marine environment and address those threats. We inform and educate the public, foster the next generation of ocean stewards, promote smarter marine environmental policies, and motivate and catalyze citizen action on a daily basis.

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From policy change to educational programs, we’re ensuring ocean conservation throughout the community. Our programs and projects are designed to support the foundations of a thriving Monterey Bay: clean shores, healthy habitats, and living waters. Watch this video to explore how these focal areas fit within our Vision 2025.

Save Our Shores’ three pillars are the guiding principles we follow to ensure the Monterey Bay thrives today and for decades to come:

CLEAN SHORES: To flip the beach cleanup model on its head so that over time, they become our last line of defense, not our first. 

HEALTHY HABITATS: To celebrate the value of our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s many ecosystems so that our iconic indicator species can thrive while increasing the community’s awareness, appreciation, and understanding of these habitats and conducting restoration projects.

LIVING WATERS: To address the issues that are creating “dead zones” in our Monterey Bay. Our goal is to slow and reverse the impacts of climate change, acidification, and hypoxia.