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Every child deserves a safe home Help me give Cricket one

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On March 18, 2013 One of the most wonderful things in my life happened my son and his girlfriend had my first grandchild. I prayed that this little girl would make them straighten up and begin to act like adults. My prayers were not answered when she was three weeks old I recieved call to please come get her and take custody of her because they could not handle her constant crying. I went to get her and they were both high and drunk , Elise was on porch in her car seat with all her things around her, the mother walked by said "There it is take it". The crying was because she was hungry they were only feeding her 2 oz every 4 hours at 3 weeks old she was over two pounds below her birth weight. I took my angel and i have loved her and spoiled her ever since. In July of 2013 I had to file a lawsuit against my son and her mother because after being released from jail and living in their car and on drugs they decided they wanted her back. So I hired an attorney . He was great and he got me temporary custody we were to have our final custody hearing Feb. 24 , this is where things got bad , Mae final payment to him of a very vast payment plan and the next week court was postponed I did not know why, until the next week when I received notice he was being disbarred. So now I have no more money to pay for attorney as I am single mother and college student with dual major of psychology and nursing, I work and go to school and take care of my girls i have two of my own and my grand daughter, but i admit I am struggling its hard but worth every moment. I need help to hire an new attorney my next court date is set for April 7, 2014, to make sure I get to keep my girl, she is now one year old , today as a matter a fact. My son is willing to sign the papers because he knows he can not take care of her but the mother is not. this woman has already lost two children to Social services for neglect and abuse, she has not lain eyes on Elise since the moment I got her and refuses to see her.......PLEASE HELP ME KEEP HER SAFE. PLEASE HELP ME GIVE HER THE HOME SHE DESERVES WITH LOVING DRUG FREE ENVIRONMENT. HELP ME SAVE MY LIL CRICKET.



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Heather is working on selecting a charity so you can support Every child deserves a safe home Help me give Cricket one.