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My grandfather has always been stubborn. He is a hopelessly devoted Red Sox fan--so much so that I used to believe it was his stubbornness that won them the 2004 World Series. Grandpa Sid played tennis until he was 80 years old. On his and my grandmother's 50th anniversary trip, at the age of 70, he hiked a giant waterfall in Jamaica. My Grandpa Sid is the kind of man who simply won't take no for an answer. The word "impossible" just isn't in his vocabulary.

About seven years ago, Grandpa Sid was diagnosed with prostate cancer. But he would not be kept from doing what he loved. He traveled all over the world with my grandma. As he received treatment after treatment, his main concern was that the side effects of the chemo might interfere with his upcoming trip to Alaska.

He remained astonishingly strong until about a year ago, when things took a turn for the worse. Grandpa Sid's cancer had spread. He had a tumor pressing against his back that caused him excruciating pain. My stubborn, thrill-seeking, power-walking Grandpa suddenly was immobile. We thought this was it. My mother and I flew down to Florida to spend one final weekend with him.

And then something miraculous happened. Grandpa Sid recovered. He improved to the point at which he could walk with a walker, go out with friends, sleep in his own bed.

Now, months later, the cancer is rearing its ugly head yet again, and my grandpa is no longer physically strong enough to handle the traditional form of chemotherapy. This leaves experimental drugs, studies, trials--whatever we can find.

Grandpa Sid's oncologist identified a very new type of treatment that is in its second phase of testing, BIND-014. Created by BIND Therapeutics, BIND-104 contains docetaxel, the drug used in chemotherapy, and targets prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a surface protein abundantly expressed on certain cancer cells and on new blood vessels that feed virtually all solid tumor types.

With shockingly minimal insurance support, the price tag on BIND-014 treatment is $8,000. They can't afford it, but without the money, my grandfather will not have another chance at life.

Help me raise the $8k so Grandpa Sid can have hope again. I want him to be there see me graduate from college, and see his grandson graduate from high school. I want him to be there if and when I get married, have children, and/or finally get an acting break. Most of all, I want Grandpa Sid's perseverance to resurface. He still has some fight left in him--please help him get back on the battlefield. It's his only chance.



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