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Give deprived children in India a fresh chance through sponsorship!

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How Save a Child works
Save a Child is the vital link between people who want to help deprived children and the children who need that help.

Save a Child has volunteer trustees, board members and administrators. Funds gathered for sponsorship and one-off donations for general work are sent to India via registered Indian charities.

The sponsored child lives in a Residential Home in Delhi, Kolkata or West Bengal, each run by professional staff. The sponsor’s money contributes to accommodation, health, clothes, education, other practical needs and, of course, to celebrating Indian festivals such as Durga Puja and Diwali. Every child’s religion is respected. Where a child has a family and home, the parents agree to the sponsorship and the child can return home for holidays.

One-off donations help pay for general projects such as ceiling fans, first aid equipment, computer lessons, learning English, or just a fun picnic outing.