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Save 100 children from certain death!



EVENT: Giving Tower Holiday Challenge


(ANY amount of support is appreciated!) It is hard to believe that 50 dollars will save an innocent child from unnecessary pain, suffering and death, but it's true! Burkitt's Lymphoma is a pediatric cancer that is endemic to Africa. It is a lymphatic cancer that can be halted, and cured, with a 50 dollar injection. The chemotherapeutic agents are available, but only if you can afford them. Unfortunately, there are many, many families in Tanzania, Africa, that cannot afford this cheap (by Western standards), life-saving treatment. In this agrarian society, the average income of rural farmers is less than 50 dollars per month, so this cancer often goes untreated. Here is what happens to children without treatment: the cancer grows, causes painful dis-figuration of the facial and abdominal areas, and it metastasizes. Then, the children die. Coffeecare, Ltd., a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, provides a streamlined solution to this problem. We have an ongoing, working relationship with Bugando Medical Center (“BMC”), in Mwanza, Tanzania. BMC is fully accredited by the Tanzanian Ministries of Health. Situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, BMC is an 800 bed hospital that serves approximately eight million people. Our foundation sends 100% of the funds it receives directly to the BMC hospital account, where it is earmarked for a program we call, the “Pediatric Cancer Medication Program.” Therefore, if we can raise 5,000 dollars, we will deposit those funds, and send them, in their entirety, to the BMC account. The 5,000 dollars will be used for treatment to save 100 children from needless pain, suffering, and death. We have already saved the lives of 46 children. Will you help us save more? ANY amount of support is appreciated!  Thank you in advance for your support! Chris Petrosino, RN Website: Email:




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COFFEECARE LTD is working on selecting a charity so you can support Save 100 children from certain death!.