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September 05, 2017

The whales have given their lives to entertaining people and bringing profits to the marine parks. It’s time to return the favor by giving  See more
Erin Hartman


The Whale Sanctuary Project had its origins at a meeting at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in August, 2015. The group, consisting of 23 people, discussed the potential for the development of a seaside sanctuary and the ongoing care of whales and dolphins who might be retired from entertainment facilities or rescued from injury or sickness in the wild. The group included marine mammal scientists, veterinarians and trainers, engineers and architects, marketing, public relations and fund-raising specialists, managers and relevant NGOs. It was agreed that such a sanctuary would be primarily for orcas, belugas and dolphins endemic to colder waters being retired from entertainment facilities or rescued from the ocean. Rescued animals might be returned to the wild, but those retired from the entertainment industry, who have never known life in the wild, would be unlikely candidates for release. Their focused on the key issues relevant to developing and maintaining a permanent seaside sanctuary in North America for formerly captive and injured/sick whales and dolphins. There are sanctuaries for other large highly social and wide-ranging mammals, including elephants and great apes, but there are none anywhere in the world yet for dolphins and whales. The sanctuary would be open to the public on a regularly scheduled basis in a manner that avoids disturbing the animals, and it would offer a comprehensive conservation and education program. It was agreed that the next stage of the project was to begin an extensive site search that would narrow possible locations to three or four sites that would need detailed, on-site inspection; and to draw up a strategic plan for the building of the sanctuary, for the transport and continuing care of the first residents, and for the funding necessary to enable all of this. . . . . I chose to create this fundraiser for the Whale Sanctuary Project because I whole heartedly believe in it's mission. These beautiful creatures that were created by the steady hands of God were not put here for our own entertainment. I am an extremist when it comes to anti-captivity. Sea World and the like should be shut down completely and these poor captured souls should rest in such a sanctuary as this. I get $0 of the profit I end up raising. All of the proceeds go DIRECTLY to the Whale Sanctuary Project. Even $1 will make the change. Please help me help those who have no voice.


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Erin your passion for these beautiful animals is inspiring. You are really making a difference in their world! :) <3 3 years ago