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Tax ID: 47-4605366
BASED: Richmond, VA, United States

Being Better in Conflict

Our official mission; Sarete teaches the practice of aikido as a means for reducing the impacts of conflict in daily life.

Programs are directed towards students for whom the outcomes of those daily conflicts have significant future consequences, for veterans, educators, and law enforcement for whom the outcomes of those crises have significant impacts on their ability to provide safe communities, and towards individuals with a history of violence or trauma facing the same daily conflicts while working toward healing and personal growth.

Sarete is an interactive practice focuing on changing our relationship with conflict.  Working on breathing, posture, and movement in the context of interaction explores what happens when our energy is directed towards possibility instead of opposition. Conflict is often the challenges we face in daily life, the crisis we are responsible for managing, or unresolved experiences in our past.

Sarete is a 501(c)3 nonprofit to ensure that everyone has access to practice as a resource for growth, renewal, and lasting change.  In addition to supporting lasting change, all contributions are tax deductible; please support Sarete today.

Tax ID: 47-4605366

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