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Santa Clara Womens League

Supporting senior citizens in Santa Clara, CA


We are an organization of community volunteers committed to improving the quality of life for our senior citizens.  The organization was formed in 1983 by community leader Cleo Stuckrath to raise money for nursing services at the Santa Clara Senior Center.  Since 1983 we have raised and donated generously to aid the Health and Wellness Program at the center.  All monies raised go to this program.  The Health and Wellness Program provides a multifaceted approach to community health.  Our goal is to improve health and independent living by connecting Santa Clara seniors age 50+ to information, activities and services.  The program includes: 1) Office visits for assessment, health education, and coaching regarding specific concerns.  2) Social engagement, information/referral to resources and caregiver support.  3) Classes that provide seniors with information on relevant health topics.  4) Screenings, clinics, support groups and special health promotion events.  The program is staffed by registered nurses with special emphasis on geriatric health.  Services are provided to seniors and their families at no, or very low, cost.  Home visits are available for Santa Clara residents who are homebound.

We encourage you to visit our awesome website at: scwl@santaclarawomensleague.org