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Santa Cruz Derby Groms

Junior roller derby, empowering our youth 8 wheels at a time!

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Santa Cruz Derby Groms is a top ranked junior roller derby league local to Santa Cruz, California. Our league is dedicated to youth empowerment through the sport of junior roller derby. We provide opportunities for all junior skaters, from beginner through advanced, between the ages of 7 and 17. The Groms have five full-contact teams for advanced and intermediate skaters: All-Stars, The Lost Girls, Double Shots, Bumper Scars, and Sugar Skulls. For new skaters we have a year-round training program called the Grommets. The All Stars, also known as the Gromshells, are 3 time Junior Roller Derby Championship medalists and the 2018 World Champions!

 ...for those that don’t know, the term “Grom” originated in surf culture to describe a young surfer who shreds up the waves. Santa Cruz being a traditional surf town, naming our league full of shredders on 8 wheels was an easy choice!