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San Luis Obispo County Child Abuse Prevention Council (Center for Family Strengthening)

Local. Grassroots. Direct. We connect your generosity to your North County neighbor's emergency.

http://northcountywomenade.org Tax ID 77-0206822


The Center for Family Stregthening and the San Luis Obispo Child Prevention Council house several vital programs for our California - Central Coast region.  North County NeighborAid, formerly North County Womenade, is one such program and serves as a coalition of human service agencies, faith communities, and big-hearted people giving direct care to our neighbors in critical need.  Every day, people in crisis fall through our social safety net. This project responds to those emergencies and brings stability to families and our neighborhoods . 

We take requests for cash assistance of all kinds from helping professionals advocating for struggling families.  Social workers, teachers, and clergy then deliver these gifts to their clients, students, and community members. We do not judge anyone; we trust the professionals serving those in their care.

Our predecessor, SLOWomenade founded by Sandy Richardson, concluded operations two years ago. Our coalition now carries on her crucial work as a program of the Center for Family Strengthening.  CFS protects children from abuse and neglect through education, advocacy, and community partnerships.  CFS ensures strong families are a priority in San Luis Obispo County.