GoFundMe Charity : Sep 08, 2010
Tax ID: 04-2643466
BASED: Boston, MA, United States



Our Mission

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Our goals are to reduce the risk of suicide, provide support for those who have lost someone to suicide, and increase awareness about suicide prevention throughout Greater Boston and across Massachusetts. Each year, 300+ volunteers answer more than 75,000 calls and text messages on our Helpline. Samaritans provides life saving suicide prevention services throughout Greater Boston, MetroWest, and across Massachusetts. Our services are free, confidential, and nonjudgmental.

Tax ID: 04-2643466 •


Samaritans Boston 2020 Image Samaritans Boston 2020 Amount Raised: $91,420

51% Raised of$180,000 Goal

Allison Neves - 2019 Amica Newport Marathon Image Allison Neves - 2019 Amica N… Amount Raised: $8,663

116% Raised of$7,500 Goal

Samaritans Boston 2019 Image Samaritans Boston 2019 Amount Raised: $222,972

139% Raised of$160,000 Goal

Samaritans 2018 Boston Marathon Team Image Samaritans 2018 Boston Marat… Amount Raised: $155,287

107% Raised of$145,000 Goal

Samaritans Inc. 2017 Boston Marathon Team Image Samaritans Inc. 2017 Boston … Amount Raised: $218,171

109% Raised of$200,000 Goal

Samaritans' Inc. 2016 Boston Marathon Team Image Samaritans' Inc. 2016 B… Amount Raised: $155,690

120% Raised of$130,000 Goal

Samaritans 2014 Boston Marathon Image Samaritans 2014 Boston Marat… Amount Raised: $255,452

131% Raised of$195,000 Goal

Samaritans 2015 Boston Marathon Team Image Samaritans 2015 Boston Marat… Amount Raised: $142,871

110% Raised of$130,000 Goal

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