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Samaritan's Hand, Inc.

Samaritan's Hand exists to bring hope to the hopeless and healing to the hurting for those suffering from alcohol and drug addictions.

www.samaritanshand.org Tax ID 46-3804732


Samaritan’s Hand, Inc. is a faith based drug and alcohol clinic providing outpatient clinical counseling along with support groups and bible studies to treat the mind, body and spirit with a Christ-centered approach.  Our director and staff counselor provide licensed AODA counseling through clinically supervised 12 Step Programs and individual counseling appointments. Bible studies and AODA meetings are open to any adult and offered 4 nights a week.  We are the first and ONLY nonprofit outpatient drug and alcohol clinic serving Sheboygan County.  In 2018 we opened the 16 bed Samaritan’s Hand Sober House. This is the only residential facility of its kind in all of Sheboygan County and it gives men a safe and supportive environment to recover from addiction and learn to a live a sober lifestyle.  We provide counseling help for addicts so they can regain their lives back and reunite with their family and children, stay out of prison, and be hardworking contributors to society that flourish and contribute rather than commit crimes that are a result of addictive habits.