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The Samadhi Legacy Foundation is a no-kill shelter and training center for all breeds of dogs. Our 1st mission is to rescue, train, foster, and find permanent homes for all our breeds, with an emphasis on Pit Bulls.

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<p>Our passion lies not only in animal rescue, but in our animal advocacy mission. Our 2nd mission as advocates is to educate. Our goal is to educate the public regarding the unfair stigma associated with &ldquo;Bully Breeds&rdquo; and to foster reform laws so that no-kill shelters are the norm.</p> <p>We understand that not everyone can foster a dog or has a spare $250 to give but YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Our 250/250 vision project is asking for 250 people to step up to the water bowl and raise $250. Together we can raise $62,500 to care, vet and find forever homes for these amazing pups.</p> <p>It&rsquo;s easy! Go to our CrowdRise page below, make a team and start raising money, it&rsquo;s only $250! There are so many ways to create the cash; Bake sales, dog washes, or heck ask your Facebook friends to each donate $1. Once they have donated on CrowdRise, your team will be credited and the funds will go directly to Samadhi. It&rsquo;s really that simple!</p> <p>It takes thousands and thousands of dollars to rescue and home these dogs that would normally end up on most shelters&rsquo; death row. We don&rsquo;t just rescue the easy one, we take on some of the most difficult medical cases, using love, time and of course CASH! So if you want to be a superhero to pups around the world, join us! No cape needed!</p>