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Hpg of Greater Danbury Inc (Sai Sannidhi)

Follow and Practice (Faith) Sharddha and (Patience) Saburi in daily life.

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Follow and Practice (Faith) Sharddha and (Patience) Saburi in daily life.

Live Life with Love. Help Ever Hurt Never.

Devote Time for Spiritual Progress.

Create/Build a Community that Cares.

Selfless Service to Mankind.

Promote Moral, Human, Cultural Value-based living.

Sri Sai Sannidhi as its called the place that is nearness to godliness (SAI). It evolved from a group of people with the like-minded taste that had interest in spiritual practice and making progress through spiritual gathering and singing the glory of SAI Baba of India.

Sai Sannidhi was formed in early 2007 in Danbury which practiced Devotional Singing of Glory of Lord (Bhajans). We continuously and consistently have been performing SAI BHAJANS every Thursday 7:30 PM since 2007 to date and have never failed to date. A group of 20 families gathers and perform devotional singing. We also conducted Bhajans in nearby SAI Temple in and around Danbury.

Fundraising Campaigns