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Safety Nest, Inc.

A program by Branch providing assistance to people who have found themselves in financial trouble after suffering an accident and didn't have the right amount of insurance.

safetynest.ourbranch.com Tax ID 84-3197612


We created SafetyNest to help people at risk.

At Branch, we’re deeply committed to restoring insurance to its original intent—a force for communal good. One pillar of realizing that vision is SafetyNest.‍ But, SafetyNest is more than just a philanthropic program. It’s designed to actually improve insurance for everyone. By reducing the impact created by being uninsured or underinsured has, we can help drive the cost of insurance down in the long run.‍ We’re helping those in our community that for reasons outside of their control, have become uninsured or are not able to afford adequate coverage.