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Rutledge Foundation

Caring and Curing - Young Adult Cancer

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The Rutledge Foundation was founded in 2011, after Carley Rutledge was diagnosed with stage IV Ewing’s Sarcoma. When friends and family learned there has been no change in over 30 years in cure rates or treatment options for many of the 72,000 young adult cancer patients diagnosed every year, they new they couldn’t sit idly by. They wanted to be a part of actively seeking targeted drugs,clinical trials, improved cure rates and patient care for all young adults with cancer.


We work to advocate for young adults with cancer by following three guiding principles:

• Bring researchers and oncologists together to collaborate and give local access to novel treatment options.  Young adult sarcomas are at the top of our list to fund promising research because it has the lowest cure rates.

• Identify young adult cancer patients' unique needs. Help to bring people and resources together on their behalf.

• Raise awareness by educating families, schools, medical professionals and individuals of the warning signs of cancers most common to young adults.



• Young adults (YA’s) are defined as people between the ages of 15 and 39.
• Approximately 72,000 YA’s are diagnosed with cancer every year.
• YA’s are 8 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than kids under 15.
• Cancer survival rates in YA’s have not changed in 30 years.
• Less than 2% of YA’s with cancer participate in clinical trials.
• YA’s are most underinsured or uninsured age group in the U.S.



To learn more about the Rutledge Foundation, visit rutledgefoundation.org

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