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Randi McNulty wrote -

I'm sure if you're visiting this site, it's because you knew Tyler and already know how exceptional he was. If not, here is a little background. Tyler Stanley was my cousin, he was 6 months older than me. We spent a lot of time together as little kids. I don't know exactly how old Tyler was when he was diagnosed with CF but I can not remember a time when the disease was not a big part of his life. As young kids up to no good, we would have to pause our shenanigans several times throughout each day so he could receive his treatments. There were special vests to wear that would vibrate, tools that would hammer his chest and back, vapors to inhale and soooo much more. I remember the pile of enzymes he would have to take before each meal. It all seemed normal to us back then. It hits you some time later, all of the things that seemed normal, were so far from it. I think the reason it seemed normal is because Ty made it normal. He never griped. Never complained. Never whined. Never felt sorry for himself. He was strong. He endured. He IS inspirational to this day. I happened to stumble across this Half-Marathon fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. I thought it was a fantastic idea. An endurance event. An event to test your lungs. An event to test your willpower and mental fortitude. Every breath, of every day, was a test for Ty. He had the endurance, willpower and fortitude to run this race every day. Multiple times each day. I am going to run this race in honor of Ty. I have all the physical abilities to do it. Abilities that so many others do not have. Abilities that we take for granted every day. I have the legs for it. I have the lungs for it. If I can channel Ty's heart and mind, I should be unstoppable. I am setting up this donation page because several people who loved Ty dearly have voiced an interest in donating to the cause. Any donations made will go directly to the Rock CF Foundation. They work to improve the quality of life of people living with Cystic Fibrosis. The run will be March 26, 2017. I will be running as a 'Virtual' runner here in Colorado with some friends who will be running with me. The run will be 13.1 miles, and will be a great time. Let's do it. Because we can. Live Like Ty

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