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Rumford Free Catholic Library


             The mission statement of the Rumford Catholic Library the restoration of Christian fatherhood, and the restoration of the Constitution of the United States as written. We believe that our Christian republic was founded and rests entirely upon the shoulders of Christian Fathers. To this end, the Charity has established both adult and children's libraries in MA, RI, ME to provide resources to those interested in this religious and patriotic issue. 

             We have also established food pantries and retreat houses in three states. The pantries are self-service and delivery, open to the public, and are funded entirely through the generosity of the Libraries' benefactors. This activity, as well as many others, is enabled by a roster of dedicated volunteers. 

               We have recently created and founded a Restoration Center in MA. Dedicated to defending both Christian Fatherhood and the Constitution against all who would destroy both the literal meaning and their true purpose. To this end, the Center publishes monographs on these religious and constitutional issues including taking cases to Federal Court when necessary, to defend the individual Constitutional rights of citizens. These monographs are available via the Library's email address, free to all.