Race to a Million 2015

Race to a Million 2015 Photo
Race to a Million 2015 Photo

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EVENT DATE: Oct 11, 2015

Food insecurity and hunger strikes millions of people each year—neighbors in your community, colleagues with whom you work, and children who share a classroom with your kids. The face of hunger is hard to recognize because so many are affected. No one is immune. Race to a Million was started in 2011 as a 5K event in Cleveland to raise money for the Greater Lansing Food Bank but has blossomed into an effort that supports food banks in three states and provides meals for hundreds of thousands of people every year. For our fifth year, we hope to raise $10,000 and reach a total of over one million lives impacted with the years' and locations' totals combined. You can register for Race to a Million Lansing by visiting http://www.humanarc.com/making-a-difference/corporate-community-initiatives/race-to-a-million/
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Race to a Million Lansing

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