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It is our fundamental belief that man is not destined to die of cancer. To this end, the Royal Dames are dedicated to funding research to find a cure.

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As an all-volunteer organization, all of our proceeds go into funding cancer research.

The Royal Dames started over 50 years ago when Dr. Joel Warren needed $250,000 to fund his cancer research.  He approached Theresa Castro (yes, for those of you who are older, the Castro of Castro Convertible Sofas). Never one to shirk a challenge, Theresa got 100 of her friends to pledge $2,500 ($17,361 in today's economy). They called themselves the Royal Dames and founded a 501 (C) (3) non-profit: the Royal Dames of Cancer Research, Inc.

Stopping cancer in our lifetime is a commitment we want to see come true. To date, the Royal Dames have raised millions of dollars to encourage, aid, enrich and support valuable educational programs and critical cancer research at the Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute, located in the Center for Collaborative Research at Nova Southeastern University.