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Chairty research and development for dogs and cats

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As a family we have made it possible to develop a full research centre for dogs and cats. Our goal is in helping dogs and cats with kidney problems. As of to date, there has been no work on this problem. Many owners love there cats and dogs just like children. It is our goal and hard work putting together a team of vets that are helping in this matter. We do not charge for any of our operations or testing. All or most of our work, is done for people with no money, but love there pets and ask for our help. For the time being, we are not a non profit chapter. our goal is to become one soon if we can get the help from people like yourself. Did you know that most dogs and cats die each year because of kidney failer. If you check, you will find out that little or nothing at all has been done in the line of replacing a kidney for some ones loved dog,or cat. This is were our staff comes in. Still in the experimental stage, we hope to cure this horrible way for a family to loose there pet. With your help and others like you, we can make this happen. The other operation we do for dogs with a heart beat that is not normal, is we install a pacemaker into the dog. For the owner this is like having there child all over again. This also gives the dog a second chance at life. So far, pacemakers have been a success. All pacemakers have been a success. All pacemakers are donated when we can find one. Our goal in this matter is to buy a new one for each dog that needs it. All of our services are free of charge to the public. This is because of our love for dogs and cats. The biggest problem has been with money. It cost a lot for a pacemaker, even a good used one, if one is found. Most are donated from deceased loved ones who have a pacemaker with the batterys being still good. You may not be aware of this, but most dogs and cats die every year of kidney problems. 98% was the last count. This is why our staff and research team have started this site. With our team of volunteer vets, this is the first problem of kidney work to be done in the experimental stage. This is a very heart breaking ordeal. You love your your animal and the doctor says there is no work in the area of replacing a kidney for a dog or cat. I'm sorry it will have to be put down. Just emagine how you would feel if it was your pet. We give a kidney to a human with great results. Now we hope that we can do the same for your beloved dog or cat. Our research so far is coming along just like we had planed. With your donation no matter how small will help make a child happy again or a family member. This is a great leap forward in helping someones loved dog or cat. The sad thing is, how long can we keep up the research with the little money are working on. Please help us with your donation. Thank you on behalf of all our staff.



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