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Rosendale Theatre Collective

The Cinemanics Teen Film Series is a new program being launched by The Rosendale Theater Collective .

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To operate the historic Rosendale Theatre as a vital and diverse cultural Hudson Valley nonprofit organization. We use the power of film and live performance to entertain, educate and inspire connection.  We are one of the few remaining  single-screen, non-profit independent film theaters in the US-- located in Rosendale, NY. 

Cinemaniacs is a new Teen Film Series created by and for teens at the Rosendale Theater which is located in the Hudson Valley, NY.  Launching this vital program, which will help cultivate the next generation of Big Screen film lovers,  during the COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge challenge as the theater is currently closed.

Our teen task continues to gather via Zoom meetings working towards the reopening of the theater and the launch of the Cinemaniacs film series.  The task force is comprised of passionate, culturally-minded  teens ranging in age from 13-18 years.   Their roles will be to  1) select the films they would like to see 2) promote the films through their own creation of trailers, press releases, newspaper articles, social media posts 3) cultivate entreperneurial skills required to run the Cinemanics business  4) create teen-based social events to make the Rosendale Theater "their place."

We are seeking donations to cover the costs of securing film useage rights and other promotional & operational expenses required to attact teens to the non-profit Rosendale Theater Collective.